''Cover Up'' (EP) - in memory of my late brother Robert.

I'm delighted  to say my new EP ''Cover Up'' is now available to purchase here via PayPal. I hope you all enjoy listening to the ''covers'' I've recorded as much as I enjoyed singing these songs. The EP is dedicated to the memory of my late brother Robert Clint Hamilton Jnr.

The songs...

''My Heart Will Go On'' is dedicated to all those who died building the Titanic; and also to all the men, women and children who tragically lost their lives on the ship's maiden voyage - 100 years ago (1912). This song is really meaningful to me, as as my family connections are closely linked to jobs relating to the sea. One Granddad, John Linton Hunter worked at Harland & Wolf shipyard in Belfast and was an apprentice under some of the men who built the Titanic . Another one , Granda Young was a sailor. He, his father, brothers, cousins and uncles, as well as being fishermen, formed the majority of the Cloughey lifeboat crew - which later was and to this day is based from Portaferry (RNLI). So my ancestors have a big connection to the ocean.

''Constant Craving''- I recorded this , as I always loved the song. KD Lang is such a fantastic singer and writer. I chose this song as it's one of her most well known hits that so many people love and recognise .

''Moonlight Shadow'' written by Mike Oldfield, was a song as a teenager I and my my brother loved. Maggie Riley's beautiful and haunting voice added to the melody . My late brother Robert, an extremely talented keyboard player, used to play it when he was younger. As he got older he too developed a real love for American country music the same as me. So I thought I'd combine the two especially for him and give ''Moonlight Shadow'' a slight U.S Country flavour.

''Run'' I recorded this song the day before my late brothers funeral. The lyrics of this song were so poignant to the situation. When I went to visit Robert at the funeral home, I couldn't say goodbye -only “adiĆ³s, until we meet again” Lying in bed the night before the recording I knew I had to add a few little words of tribute to remember him by. Words I added so that he'd never be forgotten by those that knew and loved him... ''I'll never see those big blue eyes''. I thought I never would see them again, until I saw the eyes of his daughter who I hadn't seen since she was a baby and in the eyes of his 2 beautiful grandchildren who he would have adored but sadly never got to meet. I want to dedicate this EP to my brothers memory, who I was so proud of. Also from his children and grandchildren – “We'll never forget you Robert “.