In the studio

Maggie Young In The Studio

Didn't get much sleep last night! Had an early start! Another exhausting - though brilliant day in the recording studio. Had a few tweaks I wanted to get sorted out in some of my songs, several instrumentals completed and Decided to re record vocals of my New song. Now I'm a very tired but happy gal. Yee haa!

Maggie xxx


Why I'm nicknamed Mystic Maggie

As posted on my facebook page earlier this week... 
WHAT A DAY! Just back from a full days work at the recording studio. Managed to get 1 song and 1 Instrumental recorded for THE ALBUM, and 1 song and instrumental to go elsewhere.
However had a really SUPERNATURAL experience while there, and on the way home ....

I had felt a presence around the studio most of the day. Which has never happened to me their before. Whist recording an instrument to be added to 1 of the instrumentals, I sensed a Mans presence hanging around the doorway. He was a tall, dark haired man, who sensed the producers attempts to get the chorus just right - who like me, wants to give of his best. I had no idea who he was? - but I felt he was so proud of the producer at his work, at his musicianship and his studio. I couldn't say anything to the producer at the time, in case I put him off - but knew he was there to encourage him- and not to give up. Could sense he had a great admiration of him.
Personally I thought it may have been a father, or late male relative of his.