I had written a song, after having exactly the same dream 3 nights in a row- A first for me. It was then confirmed several days later, when the subject matter came up in a movie. I knew then I had to write this song! However I had to have a twist added to the song to make it my own. I would make it into a story, into A fictional BALLAD! Since I love Wolves- I now had the perfect opportunity to include a bit of creativity to my idea.
Shortly after its completion, an F.B friend – out of the blue asked if I could write him a song for his birthday. This was something I've never done before and don't normally do; but since I had written a suitabe song that could be adapted, so made it into 2 slightly different versions of it. So I agreed to do it. So because of several strange dreams, a T.V movie and my very vivid imagination '' THE LEGEND OF SLEEPING WOLF' was born. So am adding the original version to my album, with its original title, and passing on the other version to my friend. This is very different song written by a gal from the North of Ireland and has been the most difficult song to write and record to date. So hopefully you'll like it and listen to the story within it!


The Bitch Of Country Music

It started as a dare, a song entitled “The Bitch Of Country Music” after a friend in the recording studio jokingly called me "The Bitch Of Irish Country Music". Now two versions of the song I wrote shortly after that, have been recorded. I didn't want to record an Irish country version as I prefer writing and singing US styled country music, among other genres.
The song title is a slight dig at some of the Irish country artistes continually singing and recording variations of the same songs that have been recorded by many artistes before. The song itself tells the story of "The Bitch Of Country Music" who takes on the “Divil” himself and wins. And, yes you've guessed it another comedy, but this time a US styled song.

As well as the “explicit” version. Not really explicit, more “not for the easily offended” there's a radio friendly version, left that the listener can fill in the blanks for themselves. That version is called “The Bleep Song” which you can listen to a snippet here...

The unedited version of "The Bitch Of Country Music" will be on my forthcoming album due to be released next year.