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''AIN'T NOBODY'S FOOL'' was written in ANGER. You're probably wondering WHY?
It was because I had to get it out of my system; it was the reaction to the sudden, suspicious and mysterious death of my late brother ROBERT; who passed away in my parent's house almost 4 years ago 31st December 2011.
I've had my.... suspicions for quite a while – but just need MORE evidence- so I'll keep on digging. If my suspicions are correct IT WOULD MAKE A BLOODY GREAT STORY FOR ONE OF THE “DAILY'S”; as there were MEANS, MOTIVE AND OPPORTUNITY. BUT THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT IN THE END

Just A family full of secrets and lies;and I'm not allowed to discuss it, as was Threatened with Legal action. No wonder I'm furious. I've observed UNNATURAL Behavior's – THEY WERE NOT LIKE THAT OF A ''NORMAL GRIEVING FAMILY''.
So I poured my anger into this song- and I'm really glad I did!
Never Know, if I'm not allowed to talk about Robert's passing – I could write a song or story about it – with Fictional Characters, so I can't be sued, for tellin the truth.
Cause I ''AIN'T NOBODY'S FOOL'' LOL :-) 

The song “Ain't Nobody's Fool” I'd like to point out is purely fictional and written and performed for your enjoyment. Listen by clicking on the  PLAY   button on the widget below.

Maggie x


In the studio

Maggie Young In The Studio

Didn't get much sleep last night! Had an early start! Another exhausting - though brilliant day in the recording studio. Had a few tweaks I wanted to get sorted out in some of my songs, several instrumentals completed and Decided to re record vocals of my New song. Now I'm a very tired but happy gal. Yee haa!

Maggie xxx