The Rising Dawn

I've been interested in Horror since I was 6 years old, when a little play friend introduced me to children's horror effects. I had a latex bloodied, fake finger with a screw through it, and a latex gash wound for my arm with a maggot crawling out. Boy I had real fun with those lol - but that was just the start of my interests in Special Effects. Watched loads of T.V. Programs and Films -especially the weird and paranormal ones - including Horror! Since I now still watch Horror movies, which are so far removed from real life - I hope??? lol I find it is great way to unwind after work - Creating Music to Record !

The Rising Dawn - Maggie Young

 This song ''The Rising Dawn'' was a challenge; to see If I could write another Horror Song. Admit I found it a bit daunting at first, as thought how could I equal ''Sinful Streak'' However, not only did I enjoy writing and recording it, but the producer thought it was even better, than my first as we got to experiment with breathy sound effects; so don't worry ''I wasn't having throat problems'' LOL. ''The Rising Dawn'' (my second Horror song) which is a Broody, Rock/Pop song; is about a Vampire hunting down it's human victim, and trying to survive until daybreak. I find having a good imagination and an open mind, comes in handy for creative writing; and in this case song writing too!

Believe it or not VAMPIRES BATS DO exist – 3 types.They can walk, jump and even run. They are known as The Common Vampire Bat, The Hairy Legged variety and The White Winged Vampire Bat. These are mainly native to Central and South America; and they only hunt when it's fully dark. The only one that feeds off mammals and occasionally humans, is the ''Common Vampire Bat''. (Google it if you don't believe me) Must own up, as a teen, on a residential I caught a bat that had managed to get trapped in a dorm because someone turned a light on, which effected its bearings (it using a type of sonar) It was a fantastic opportunity to get a close up view of a non-vampire bat (since we don't have vampire bats in our country). We all got to inspect its sharp teeth and translucent wings. It just looked like a little flying mouse. All my friends huddled around to see this tiny creature I held gently, but firmly in my hands. I then took it outside and set it free. Though it was an eerie feeling as I let it fly off into the night, as it was a full moon that evening-WEIRD! A night I'll never forget, and one that has made my interest in bats grow even more including the paranormal ones lol !

I hope you enjoy listening to clips of this song “The Rising Dawn” I hope to get an instrumental version of this song recorded next time I'm in the studio, to add to the song and backing track. Watch This Space.

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The Bitch Of Country Music - Instrumental

Was dared to write a song, taking the hand out of ''Irish Cuntry Music''
(No there isn't a spelling error in it lol) As am fed up hearing the same old c**p - but wanted to make this song more humourous.
I Had to make 2 versions of THE BITCH OF COUNTRY MUSIC, so it wouldn't offend anyone; that's how the BLEEP SONG was created, which I personally think is actually funnier cause it actually contains REAL BLEEPS; just leaves it to your imagination, and is child friendly.
I then decided I had to create An Instrumental of the melody of '' THE BITCH''- as I called it.
Its the sort of instrumental that when you hear, hope would make you want to ''Clap your hands, Slap your thighs, Tap your feet or get up and Dance.

The instrumental of THE BITCH OF COUNTRY MUSIC, has a SPRINKLING of SPAGHETTI WESTERN FLAVOURING added to the rhythm of horses galloping; so I might just be tempted to get on my horse, head of to Mexico in search of some action.



After watching ''BIBLE RULES'' (Mon 9pm -GMT on H2)
Was appalled at the way our Ancient Ancestors treated their fellow man/woman.....
Now I'm not what you call a Woman's Libber, just believe in EQUALITY FOR ALL !!!!
Sadly things haven't changed in Today's society, right around the world.

Woke up this morning with this on my mind, so penned this ...
 Maggie Young