The Bitch Of Country Music - Instrumental

Was dared to write a song, taking the hand out of ''Irish Cuntry Music''
(No there isn't a spelling error in it lol) As am fed up hearing the same old c**p - but wanted to make this song more humourous.
I Had to make 2 versions of THE BITCH OF COUNTRY MUSIC, so it wouldn't offend anyone; that's how the BLEEP SONG was created, which I personally think is actually funnier cause it actually contains REAL BLEEPS; just leaves it to your imagination, and is child friendly.
I then decided I had to create An Instrumental of the melody of '' THE BITCH''- as I called it.
Its the sort of instrumental that when you hear, hope would make you want to ''Clap your hands, Slap your thighs, Tap your feet or get up and Dance.

The instrumental of THE BITCH OF COUNTRY MUSIC, has a SPRINKLING of SPAGHETTI WESTERN FLAVOURING added to the rhythm of horses galloping; so I might just be tempted to get on my horse, head of to Mexico in search of some action.



After watching ''BIBLE RULES'' (Mon 9pm -GMT on H2)
Was appalled at the way our Ancient Ancestors treated their fellow man/woman.....
Now I'm not what you call a Woman's Libber, just believe in EQUALITY FOR ALL !!!!
Sadly things haven't changed in Today's society, right around the world.

Woke up this morning with this on my mind, so penned this ...
 Maggie Young



Tonight Gerry Anderson will be posthumously inducted into the PPI (Phonographic Performance Ireland) Radio Awards Hall of Fame  I feel it's a shame he never got to hear an Amer-Indian song I wrote and recorded. Gerry was very into the Native American Indian music.

It reminded me...
I was very Privileged to have the opportunity to be invited to RADIO FOYLE'S STUDIO; Derry/ London-Derry (This term he loved to use) by Gerry and Sean Coyle – who Gerry fondly called ''his side kick''(but was his producer at that time). I was totally unaware that Both guys had sent out messages ON AIR - for me to get in contact with the show. One of my neighbors called over to let me know. At first I didn't believe the message but tuned into the show – then I heard my name mentioned. So after a number of On -Air phone chat's with Gerry and Sean, I was invited to the studio on the 14th of February (St Valentines Day), To join a live chat.

After the radio broadcast got pics taken, with the great man himself. It made it to ''the front cover of the Derry Journal'' sitting on Gerry's knee, who had a Red Rose between his teeth. Then Everyone went for lunch afterwards to an Italian Restaurant. The ''CRAIC'' (chat) afterwards was even better than during the show. It was a Fantastic Day! One I will never forget. I have kept a copy of the paper and the memories of Gerry Anderson -A true gentleman and a very talented and entertaining radio presenter.